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The new DESTINEAK 'Wonder and Lightning' album is available everywhere now!

The second DESTINEAK album is here and it is an energy packed journey full of soaring vocals and positive light. ‘Wonder and Lightning’ is a 14 track collection of new unreleased songs, recent singles, acoustic versions, and remixes. Completely independent, and full of heart, we hope these songs give you hope and inspiration while making you dance.

This project was made possible by some insanely talented collaborators who have stuck by us through thick and thin. Many a session was paid for by Christina’s culinary skills and wine over a family meal. Massive thanks to these coproducers, writers, and instrumentalists: Jenson Vaughan, Brian Howes, Jason Van Poerderooyan, Dayne Scheffel, Bernd Johnen, Matt James, Daniel Heatcliff, Trevor Hoffman, Troy Samson, Craig Smart, Jesse Wainwright & Kai Huppunen. We are grateful for your help in shaping these gems for the world!

Most of these songs started with us as couple at the piano late into the night and sometimes in fevered writing sessions at sunrise. The connecting thread being that they were written with each other and bound by our love. Christina admits that many of the lyrics are about our struggles with maintaining a relationship in these changing times. We are far from perfect. Songs like ‘Push You’ will attest to the self destruction that usually accompanies the ego in a creative partnership. The theme of sacrifice is illustrated in the tune ‘When You Love Somebody’. Then there’s the joy that is apparent in uplifting tunes like ‘I Feel the Love’ and ‘Shine’. We addressed perseverance in the song ‘Wonder and Lightning’, humility in ‘Silenced’, and foot stomping fun on ‘Bang on Your Drum’. Check out the new unreleased songs ‘Call Me a Sinner’ and ‘Keeping an Angel’ where Bobby really started connecting to our sound.

We hope you take a moment and listen the collection in it’s entirety. We’ve poured our souls into everything. Please enjoy, share and dance! Thank you everyone for continuing on this path with us. Let’s keep growing toward the light friends!


Christina Sing & Bobby James


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