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Check out our new show! BEAUTY BEATS!


Vancouver's premier Top 40 remix DJ Duo featuring live drums and vocals on mashups of the biggest hits with today's best dance beats

Beauty Beats fuses the divide between cover band and DJ. After playing at countless clubs and festivals as our band DESTINEAK, we were given the privilege of performing at some massive corporate events. It was here that we witnessed a burgeoning need for the pulse and excitement of festival dance music sounds in the elite event sphere. The peers we used to go clubbing with now had 'grown up' positions, but it didn't mean that they had lost their lust for dope events and shows. Sure, everyone loves hearing tunes they know - hits are hits - but the undeniable raw intensity and sound quality of dance music just gets people moving. Thus, the birth of the Beauty Beats show: where you rock out to your favourite songs amped and remixed live with today's best DJ sounds.

Combine this mashup/remix formula with incredible live vocals and ferocious drumming, and you've got yourself a PARTY. Show us a crowd - we'll make 'em DANCE.




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