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THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR US TO WIN THE TELUS STORYHIVEGRANT! Here is the Official Music Video for our new song ‘Wonder and Lighting’!

Thank you to TELUS, STORYHIVE, and all the amazing volunteers and performers for making this video shoot happen! We are super proud of this song and its message. Hold on to your dreams! Please leave us a comment on YouTube and share share share 🤘💋.

Stream 'Wonder and Lightning' on Spotify.

Buy on iTunes.

Directors: Christina Sing, Bobby James & Cliff Hokanson Director of Photography: Cliff Hokanson Assistant Director: Jina Anika Site Manager: Jeremy Chiu Location: Harbour Event Centre Make Up: Arrow Tyas Make Up Second: Geeta Dayal Hair Stylist: Myles Laphen Jewelry Designer: Carolyn Bruce Designs - Statement Jewelry Lighting: Caden Milligan Visuals: Chandler Paulis Catering: Lauri Preston


Mother: Desirée Sunshine Daughter: Diora Gabelhouse Celebrity Judge ‘JLo’: Gigi Saul Guerrero Celebrity Judge ‘Faith’: Jacqueline Ryan Celebrity Judge ‘Rod’: Jon Paul Holt Celebrity Judge ‘Flex’: James Junior Hoop Acrobat: Ashara Xirkøvia Hand to Hand Acrobatic Duo: Malin Niklasson & Connor Unitard Man: Matt Monty Cello Player: Fabian Saul Bunny Biker: Steve Ricardo Show Girls: Kinga Papp, Espy Gomez, Chelsea Ruppel Singer/Guitar Player: Antoinette Libelt Light Wand Duo: Sarah Ivey & Danielle 'Nitrous Star' Wow Factor Crew: Mathias Lundin

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