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What About Us/I Feel The Love, Live @ Rogers Arena

Second Intermission full video : )) Thank you to the folks at the Vancouver Canucks for sharing this jumbotron footage with us! We have performed shows with many corporate partners, and it was a an unbelievable pleasure to work with the Canucks team. From the moment of conception they honored every request and came up with the coolest ideas (including building us a custom stage, and buying us Canucks stage swag). You can tell there is heart behind the team, and it all comes from the spirit of hockey! We especially love the announcer's voice - we've never heard our name so clearly!! Many thanks to Dawna Howe and Jeff Thorn for taking care of us and the Canucks camera crew. Also thanks to our personal camera man Steve Michell and our beatiful angels from Zynth & Co. and Desirée Sunshine for the dope dance choreography. Now enjoy and please share!

Big Love,

Christina Sing & Bobby James


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