Music Mixing

Project Goals

DESTINEAK is creating an online interactive How To Series called ‘FUTURE LIVE MUSICIANS’ sharing our combined 50 years of industry knowledge, along with multiple guest instructors. This course will be presented in 20 Episodes that will introduce students to tools for music recording, show development, live streaming, and live performance. By the end of the video series, students will be exposed to show creation tools in Cubase, Ableton Live, Apollo Twin, TC Helicon VoiceLive Pedal, Final Cut, Motion, Roland TD50 VDrums, Roland SPDSX Sample Pad, Midas MR18 and more. They will know how to advance a show with stage plots and know what is expected at a professional soundcheck. Participants will learn how to amplify and monitor themselves in a live setting. They will learn how to live stream from a remote location, and how to work with an online live streaming concert promoter. We also teach tips on how to independently release and market music with distribution platforms, and current video/photo mobile apps. This course will be available to everyone online for free on the website www.FutureLiveMusicians.com




1. Setting Up Your Home Studio

  • An introduction to Cubase & Ableton - Learning your DAW

  • Producing with virtual instruments

  • Sample library resources, plug ins, audio production templates

  •  The importance of creating your own music




  • Recording vocals and instruments - The basics of how to get your song ideas down

  • A Laptop & The Apollo Twin Sound Card - Your Mobile Studio

  • Recording vocals with a DIY vocal booth & recording an instrumentalist on the go featuring Jonas Falle as guest on the guitar 

  • Learn how to record your live set



  • Getting your song to the stage 

  • Playback 

  • Mastering your live audio using using Ableton & Cubase




  • Taking your audience on a journey 

  • Covers, mash ups, intros, interludes, finales 

  • Transitions & tempo changes 

  • The headliner set, opener set, and playing your single

5. How to Sing/Perform with a DJ

  • Exploring different configurations such as the Denon DJ controller & microphone / laptop &  instrument / performing solo while DJing 

  • Mixing in and out of songs

  • Featuring live sax player Buddha Sax & DJ DRUMNDIRTY

  • Best mics for live electronic vocalists

6. How to

Live Stream Your Music

  • Learn how to stream from your home or venue with the most up to date gear featuring gear guru Paul J Herman of Roland Canada  

  • Do’s and Don’ts of live streaming

  • Learn multiple different live streaming configurations

  • How to monetize your live streams

  • Featuring a day in the life of a live stream with prolific streaming artist TBA

7. How Professional Studios Live Stream

  • We visit Drumeo at their studio headquarters in Abbotsford, BC and learn how this world class brand regularly streams live drum lessons to their 1.5 million followers

8. How to Use an Online Concert Streaming Service

  • We interview the creators of Side Door, Canada’s most trusted online concert streaming service and learn how they operate

  • How do you collect revenue?

  • What you need to know technically before you stream on the platform

9. Real Time Live Vocal Processing 

  • Part 1: TC Helicon VoiceLive - Automated Vocal FX   An in-depth step by step guide to triggering vocal effects on stage using the TC Helicon VoiceLive Pedal. Bonus: learn how to trigger the effects hands free using midi through Ableton

  • Part 2: Watch product comparisons of multiple vocal pedals - Christina Sing demos them all with her voice

  • Delay, reverb, compression, gating, harmonies

10. Rehearsals 




  • A guide to getting the best performance from yourself

  • How to record your rehearsals

11. Using Ableton LIVE

  • Playing your backing tracks live 

  • Breaking up your set into midi clips 

  • Striping clicks and tempo changes 

  • Triggering visuals



  • Wireless in ears & microphones 

  • Creating separate monitor mixes 

  • How to use stage wedge monitors 

  • Tips and tricks from the pros

13. Acoustic Drums vs VDrums

  • An indepth look at the Roland TD50 VDrums and triggering audio samples live

  • We compare the pros and cons of acoustic drums vs VDrums

14. Roland SPDSX Sample Pad

  • Using the sample pad for composition 

  • Using the sample pad as a live drum machine 

  • Using the sample pad for playback

  • Triggering visuals & audio through Ableton

  • Telling a story with visuals and audio simultaneously in real time 

15. Soundcheck & Stage Plot

  • Getting your audio to FOH

  • Using our Midas MR18 mixer we outline how we approach a soundcheck for live streaming and live concerts

  • Stage Plots - What they are and how to use Google to create a PDF version to forward your gig 

  • Featuring interviews with professional sound men Jeff Thorne & James Menear

16. releasing


your music

  • Being and independent artist

  • Music distribution

  • CdBaby

  • Youtube

  • Instragram

  • Facebook

  • Wix

  • Photoshop Mobile Photo App

  • Quik Mobile Video Editor



  • Creating content to promote your music

  • Preproduction, Production, Filming, Editing, Post Production 

  • Featuring interview with award winning cinematographer & director Cliff Hokanson and a day in the life of a music video behind the scenes - Artist to TBA. 

  •  Final Cut & Motion (Video Editing Software)  

  • Editing music videos, lyric videos, ads for your shows, and live visuals


  • Physical and mental health

  •  Featuring performer guests Desiree Sunshine (dancer/cheerleader), Jeanette O’kkeefe (Singer) , Bobby James (DJ)


  • How to apply for funding for your music career in Canada

  •  We introduce funding resources such as Creative BC, Factor, Arts Council

  • Downloadable directory of resources


  • Featuring Platinum Grammy nominated producer Brian Howes and engineer Jay Van Poederooyen

  • What is Toplining?

  • Collaborating virtually online

  • Recording and sharing files online





  • Technical tips

  • Staying inspired

  • Your body is your instrument

Music Mixing


DESTINEAK has been performing together as a duo for 16 years. Bobby James himself has been on countless arena tours around the world as a drummer for the last 30 years with rock bands, opening for the likes of Kid Rock, Metallica, Static X, Scorpions, Alice Cooper and more. Christina Sing is a graduate of Vancouver Community College and holds a diploma in Contemporary Voice. She has been releasing house music on vinyl since the late 90’s, and has been performing live for over 20 years. DESTINEAK as a duo has been around the world performing in clubs with our Live Vocal Visual Drum Show, and have played on some of Canada’s most prestigious festival and corporate stages. We’ve been producing and releasing music constantly since conception, and had a Top 40 hit on Canadian radio in 2011 through Moshpit/Sony Canada called “Calling Your Name” which peaked at #32 on the charts. We’ve been released on internationally acclaimed labels such as Sony Music Canada, Armada Music, Kontor Records, Big & Dirty, and Dance of Toads, and have successfully released music independently as well. We are currently on the roster of sought after booking agencies Noteable Entertainment, John Donnelly of MRG Events, Mooncoin Productions, Jeff Turner Entertainment Group, and Vanhattan Entertainment. Bobby James was recently invited to premiere his one man EDM drum/DJ show called DRUMNDIRTY at the International Live Event Association’s Gala in Dec. 2019, where he blew away booking agents from all over North America. 

As speakers and educators, DESTINEAK has had the privilege of being a part of the anti-bullying concert series “Kindness Rocks” for the last 4 years, included in 10 shows (3 x 75 minute shows a day) inspiring youth in highschools and elementary schools across the BC lower mainland, performing our uplifting music and providing testimonials about overcoming abuse to upwards of up to 3000 kids a day. Bobby James is a Roland Vdrums artist, who routinely gives clinics in theatres and music stores to up and coming drummers and musicians, representing one of the biggest music companies in the world. He is a truly inspiring character who grabs the hearts of many through his talent and storytelling. DESTINEAK as a duo has been a prominent live entity in Canada for the last 16 years, and we feel that there is more than enough of a fan base and following here to gain a buzz about this How To Series. The proof is in the multitude of the live videos and music videos that we have online. As a brand, DESTINEAK has been affiliated with many corporate entities through show development, soundtrack composition, and performance. Some of our past corporate clients include: Vancouver Olympics, Grand Prix Montreal, Georgie Awards, Make Up Forever, Samsung, Redbull, Toyota Brazil, Maxim, Harley Davidson, Roland Canada, Toronto Fashion Week, Juno Awards, Cornucopia Wine Festival, Cirque Du Soleil, CTV, Cabo San Lucas Tourism, Vancouver & Toronto Pride, Vogville Studios, Vancouver Regional Construction Awards, West Jet, Shaw TV, NRT Fashions, SuitsU.net, Sisco, Taye Drums, TL Fashions, Beyer Dynamic Microphones, Fitness World. Our media quality standards are extremely high and is evident in all of the DESTINEAK online assets.

Our database is full of knowledgeable, well reputed artists, producers, booking agents, and promoters. We will be calling on all of this talent to make appearances in the series to share their experiences. 

Let's create an online hub of artists that will be ready to take on the world stage!