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Luxury Event Music Services by Multitalented Female DJ Duo

Introducing "Pristine," a dynamic DJ duo born from the fusion of two of Vancouver’s most formidable female DJs. Comprising the exceptional talents of DJ Pri and DJ Christina Sing, Pristine brings a fresh energy to the city's music scene.


Pri & Christina, both renowned solo DJs in their own right, decided to combine their skills to offer an unparalleled auditory experience. With a shared passion for diverse genres, their sets effortlessly blend seamless transitions and infectious beats that keep dance floors alive. But Pristine is not just about the music; it's about creating unique audience interactions. 


Their “it” factor lies in their ability to seamlessly intertwine live emceeing with their DJ performances. This creates an engaging atmosphere that captivates audiences, whether at luxury events, weddings, or corporate galas. Pristine’s ability to curate music that perfectly suits each occasion, coupled with their vivacious stage presence, is earning them a buzz in Western Canada and beyond. 


Showing musical creativity without borders, Pristine also offers options of adding live virtuosic singing by DJ Christina Sing, or live percussion and saxophone, among other amazing instrumentation laced with the world’s biggest hits, a recipe that guarantees a spectacular event every time. 


Drawing inspiration from the urban landscape of Vancouver, Pristine brings an eclectic mix of sounds that mirror the city's diverse culture. As they continue to craft immersive musical experiences, Pristine is destined to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, inspiring audiences and fellow artists alike.

PRISTINE | Luxury Event Music Services

PRISTINE | Luxury Event Music Services

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